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Maria Regina Senior High School has been implementing a national curriculum enriched with international-based curriculum. Chinese as a Second Language is also included in the curriculum. Maria Regina School is also a registered Cambridge Assessment International School (ID316).


Maria Regina Senior High School has successfully produced graduates with outstanding UN results and we strongly believe that our excellent tradition in academic achievement will be perpetuated in Senior High School.


Maria Regina Senior is currently implementing the 2013 Curriculum and some subjects are taught in English to promote students’ skills in English. In Year 11, IELTS preparation is also included in the English curriculum. Proficiency in foreign languages is our curriculum strength in order to prepare our Reginians to be globally competent in the future.


National curriculum with Cambridge enrichment


Specialization in Mathematics and Science (MIPA) with Cross Interests in Economics

Preparing graduates who are ready to proceed to national and international universities with global competences

Mandarin is included in the curriculum; students enter according to their respective Mandarin proficiency levels

Cambridge assessment in Year 12 is offered

School exams as a requirement for graduation

Learning using the 21st Century Learning method: 4Cs

- Communication

- Critical Thinking (think critically to solve problems)

- Creativity (think creatively)

- Collaboration (cooperation)



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