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Our Background

The creation of Maria Regina School stemmed from the idea of Bishop Ignatius Suharyo, Pr., and Mrs. Nyauw, Yoe Indriyati.  They believed that Catholic education should be able to accommodate the need for a modern educational system embedded with strong Catholic values.  There has been significant number of families with strong Catholic background in Semarang and Melania Regina Foundation has noticed their need for a Catholic school with global perspective.  Therefore, the school has been promoting the core values of charity, truth and excellence and these values are perpetuated in the curriculum and all school activities such as monthly holy mass, Rosary prayers, Stations of the Cross, daily prayers, Easter and Christmas celebration as well as charity programs. 

Established in 2008, Maria Regina is a Catholic and Jesuit-guided school under the flagship of Melania Regina Foundation led by Mrs. Nyauw, Yoe Indriyati along with Father V. Istanto Pramuja, SJ. and Brother Yustinus Triyono SJ. as the academic and spiritual advisors of the school. Father V. Istanto Pramuja, SJ. was the Head of Canisius College Jakarta and is currently the Head of the Canisius Foundation in Semarang. Brother Yustinus Triyono SJ. is the Principal of Loyola College in Semarang. Both Canisius College and Loyola College are Jesuit schools that have been well-established in Indonesia and have become the role models of modern Catholic schools. Other prominent figures involved in Catholic education are also behind the presence of Maria Regina School, like Mgr. Pius Riana Prapdi, Pr., Father Siegfried Paul Zahnweh, SJ., Father RB Riyo Mursanto, SJ., Father Johannes Haryatmoko, SJ. With their prior experience in their own respective fields, both Father V. Istanto Pramuja, SJ. and Brother Yustinus Triyono SJ. have influenced and inspired the foundation of Maria Regina School. Bishop Ignatius Suharyo, Pr. has also been visiting and giving continuous support to the school.

The school began with Preschool and Primary education, envisioning basic education with strong Catholic foundation. As public acceptance grew, Melania Regina Foundation decided to continue with junior and senior high school in 2011 and 2016 respectively.  The school has been the pioneer as a modern Catholic school in Semarang because it is fully equipped with both national and international curricula to provide dual certifications to its students. The school is a registered school of Cambridge Assessment International Education. The population of Maria Regina School is currently 345 students, together with 69 teachers and 43 staff (administration, security guards, office boys and helpers).

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