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Caritas | Veritas | Excellentia

As a Catholic school we strongly implement rules based on the 10 Commandments of God; students, teachers, school administrators, staff and parents are expected to adhere the code of discipline postulated by the school foundation.

All members of the Maria Regina School are encouraged to practice the Core Values imposed by the school foundation. These values are to enrich the camaraderie between God, family, friends, colleagues and with the environment. The Core Values are to be instilled into the students’ development through assemblies, flag ceremonies and homeroom periods.

Codes of Behaviour



A Reginian must be able to extend moral, spiritual and social help to the community.

• Love – to love your neighbor as you love yourself

• Generosity – to be kind and sharing

• Compassion – to be concerned with other people’s conditions

• Empathy – to put oneself in the shoes of others 



A Reginian must exercise truth in all his/her words and deeds. 

• Honesty – to speak and act truthfully

• Sincerity – to work with all your heart; to have the ability to work without deceit

• Humility – to keep ones feet on the ground

• Forgiveness – to forgive others and to seek forgiveness from others

• Integrity – to have the quality of being honest by having strong moral principles



 A Reginian must be a globally competent individual. 

• Responsibility  – to execute tasks with ease and efficiency

• Intelligence – to have the ability to acquire knowledge and skills 

• Open-mindedness – to be receptive to new and different ideas or opinions

• Competence – to have the ability to do something successfully and efficiently

• Learning Process  – to have a purposeful learning experience at school and with the environment

• Perseverance – to be steadfast in doing something despite the difficulty

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