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Extra-Curricular Activities

Reginians' Say

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"Basketball has always been my favorite ECA since MRS offered it ."

- Michael  (2nd from right, Basketball )



The extra-curricular activities (ECA) in MRJHS are channels of learning beyond the normal curriculum and anchored to the Student Learning Outcomes. All activities, whether academic or non–academic, create a venue for growth and development of skills and character of the students. MRJHS strives to offer our students the best possible opportunity to become wellrounded individuals through participation in clubs and activities that enhance their skills and interests. The goal of our extracurricular programs is to develop life-long learners and to provide a safe and healthy environment for students to share their talents and interests. This Handbook serves to give information and guidance to all students and parents, to better understand the scope and value of the extracurricular activities.


The programs, events, competitions, and other undertakings within the scope of the extra- curricular curriculum, are considered fundamental, and provide experience that will help equip students physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.



MRJHS is always giving their best in providing a number of ECAs to facilitate various talents and skills. 


  • Basketball

  • Badminton

  • Table Tennis

  • Swimming



  • League of Young Scientists

  • Math League

  • Modern Chinese

  • English Boot Camp



  • Home Economics

  • Modern Dance

  • Reginian Band


  • House Huddle (twice a month)

  • Faith Formation (once a month)

  • Pramuka (once a month)



 1. Pramuka, MRJHS House, Faith Formation are the required ECA for all JHS students. Pramuka and faith Formation ECA will be conducted once a month and House Meeting (will be conducted twice a month).

NOTE: There is no regular ECA for JHS3 students for Semester 2.

JHS3 students will still join ECA only in Semester 1.


2. Students shall be enrolled in at least 1 ECA class (required ECA excluded). Optional ECAs with less than 5 students are considered closed.


3. All students are encouraged to attend every ECA session. Even one absence can mean that the student might miss vital information. NOTE: Those who do not meet minimum attendance requirements will be suspended from participation in ECA. Those who have remedial lessons during the ECA can be exempted from the ECA on the particular day. To be considered for an excused absence the student must notify the ECA teacher prior to the day of absence. Failure to inform will result in being marked as ABSENT.


4. Students are allowed to change ECAs within the 1st week of ECA time (after three days of sign-up day) upon the approval of the ECA teacher and coordinator. No students are allowed to change their clubs after two ECA meetings.


5. At the end of the semester, students are going to perform on our ECA Culmination/ ECA expo. In this event, the students will get the chance to show and or perform the skills that they learnt during their ECA.


6. ECAs (except for school clubs) are included in the report card every semester. Letter grades and comments for qualitative description are to be given as an ECA grade in the report card every semester. NOTE: Assessment of ECA is determined by performance, active participation, completion of task, attendance and attitude.


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