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A Message to Our SHS Graduates Class of 2024

Updated: Jul 8

Congratulations on your incredible milestone. Savor the feeling of accomplishment – you’ve earned every bit of this celebration. As you graduate, remember that character is your true diploma. Carry it with you always, and it will open more doors than you can imagine.

Keep learning, keep growing. No book can teach you the lessons of perseverance and character you’ve learned. These will be among your most valuable possessions as you continue on your path. Believe in the endless opportunities that lie ahead. The path isn’t set – it’s what you carve for yourself that counts.

What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us. Your journey will be your own, filled with unique experiences and discoveries – dream up a truly beautiful one! Every ending is a new beginning, and yours is brimming with potential. Empower yourself to dream fearlessly, and watch as you turn those dreams into reality.

May the lessons you’ve learned be the guiding stars as you navigate through your university years and beyond. Wisdom is the most precious gift from your high school journey. Graduation is a milestone that signifies you're ready for the world. Believe in yourself as we believe in you, and there’s nothing you can’t accomplish.

Go into the world and do well, but more importantly, go into the world and do good.

Check out the tribute video of our Senior High School graduates of Class of 2024.

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