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Holiday Classes- English Bootcamp

Before the new academic year commences, MRS holds a 5-day English Bootcamp programme for our incoming JHS1 Reginians where they can engage in fun activities and refresh their English skills.

Learning does not always have to be in a conventional classroom setting. Nowadays, students can also learn through fun and engaging activities such as role play activities, which are dynamic and versatile tools for teaching English or any other languages, encouraging students to think more critically about complex and controversial subjects and to see situations from a different perspective.

Hands-on learning is an instructional method of teaching and engaging students with content and helps students explore and construct knowledge for themselves and for their hands-on activity, students are asked to make their own exciting custom-made board games.

On the last day of English Bootcamp, students were asked to write their thoughts and feelings about their experience during the 5-day bootcamp and were also asked to present the project that they have created.

Click the images below for highlights of EBC.

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