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MRS Commencement Exercises Class of 2024

It was not long ago when Maria Regina School held her Commencement Exercises of the Class of 2024 at the exquisite ballroom of Fifth Avenue. It was absolutely a memorable moment for our Reginian graduates.

We would like to congratulate all members of the class of 2024. We know how hard you have worked and we are glad to see that all of your passion and efforts have finally paid off.

This is just the start as you turn over a new page and embark on a new adventure where not only greater challenges await you, but there will also be more exciting experiences and opportunities for you to embrace and explore.

We look forward to watching your journey and cannot wait to see where you go from here. We are so proud of you and we firmly believe that you will continue to grow and excel!

Click on the image below for a sneak peek of some highlights of the event.

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