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University Preparation Programme

Assisting Students to Enter the University of Their Dreams

Senior High School is the threshold where students embark on a journey of self-discovery of their strengths and interests. It is also a pivotal stage of their lives in which they need to make up their minds about what they want to pursue for their tertiary education and many still find it difficult to figure out.   

The University Preparation Programme (UPP) in Maria Regina Senior High School aims to  prepare students and offer them a helping hand in determining their interested field of study as well as  getting into the university that they desire. Students receive support and assistance from the school since students are in Senior High School 1(Grade 10) until the time of their graduation. 


The mentorship programme is part of UPP that provides mentoring for each student to plan and enter the university of his/her dream with the guidance of our experienced teachers. Each grade level at SHS 1(Grade10), SHS 2(Grade 11) and SHS 3 (Grade 12) has different steps and goals to be accomplished in the mentorship programme.

Students are also offered extra classes to prepare them for the Cambridge AS/A- Level examinations and IELTS should they wish to pursue their tertiary education overseas.

Students will be assigned to a teacher who will be their mentor all throughout their Senior High School years, depending on the region where the university that they intend to enroll to is located. The teacher who is appointed as a mentor is in charge of a particular region, as shown in the image on the right.

Students may consult their mentor in matters regarding their university application. From writing an application resume to searching for scholarships, our mentors are always ready to lend a hand to those who require assistance.


The school holds an annual University Placement Day, an education fair where local and overseas universities are invited to set up booths for students to find out more. On top of that, the school would also annually invite the representative of a university to give a presentation.

For the entire three years here at Maria Regina Senior High School, mentors, Head of School, Guidance Counselor and all teachers will be by the students' side and do their best to help them realize the dream of entering their ideal university.

The image shows the agencies and universities that our school are affiliated with. You may click the icon below to find out more about our alumni. 

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